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    Dating arab american man

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    I’m like, “Oh my God, we’re cool.” Before you know it, hot Asian women will stop dating black guys and start dating Arabs. ” [1] It is a funny bit, but Obeidallah is on to something more than a joke, something about the mischievous power of race and representation in contemporary US culture both to incorporate and to reject.

    White kids in the suburbs, instead of acting and dressing black to be cool, will now start pretending to be Arab…. Dressing like Arabs, some old-school in traditional Arab headdress…. Walkin’ up to each other, goin’, “What up, Moustafa? By taking an observation -- the analogy of Arabness to blackness -- to its literal extreme, Obeidallah is playing with general perceptions of blackness and whiteness along the way.

    I met one particular white guy, let's call him Mark, who married a Palestinian woman.

    During one of my shows, I asked his father-in-law how he could let such a thing happen.

    “Ever so slightly, the attacks on the trade center have tweaked the city’s traditional racial divisions.” [2] These oscillations prompted African-American novelist Ishmael Reed to write, “Within two weeks after the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings, my youngest daughter, Tennessee, was called a dirty Arab, twice.” America’s racial legacy, replete with the “one-drop rule,” where a single drop of African blood made a person black in the eyes of Jim Crow law, enabled Reed, after September 11, to ask the question, “Is anyone with dark skin Arab-American? Racial profiling was almost universally loathed prior to 2001, so much so that candidate George W. But the practice acquired a new lease on life in 2003 when President Bush’s Justice Department ordered a ban on profiling but included exceptions permitting extra scrutiny of racial and ethnic groups when officials had “trustworthy” information that members of these groups were plotting a terrorist attack or a crime.

    Last weekend, I was lucky enough to perform at the annual convention of the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine in Washington, DC. I performed in three comedy shows, and I can tell you this: Palestinians know how to laugh, especially at themselves.

    Join and Meet thousands of Arab women and Arab men looking for marriage, dating, and friendship.

    “Black New Yorkers joke among themselves about their own reprieve from racial profiling,” explains a article from October 2001.

    “Even the language of racial grievance has shifted: Overnight, the cries about driving while black have become flying while brown -- a phrase referring to reports of Muslim Americans being asked to get off planes.” The article continues.

    But I also confirmed something else I always suspected to be true… I met a few couples at the gathering who were, for lack of a better word, mixed. Being Palestinian basically means you can live anywhere except Palestine.

    As a result, we have more mixed marriages than any other species on earth.

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